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2016 has been an amazing year so far and it got even better yesterday when the lovely folks at Rum Punch Press published my flash fiction piece, Milton Friedman and a Semester at Sea. It is my fourth piece published this year and I couldn’t be happier.

I wrote this one a bit ago, inspired by a night where a group of us went on a raid in the rain with water pistols and procured a giant sign that read METAL ONLY. I’m grateful to all involved – for the memory, for the fun, for the adventure and for the inspiration that led to this story.

Metal only

For those unfamiliar with Rum Punch Press, they describe themselves on their website as follows:

Rum Punch Press is new journal featuring high-quality, original fiction and non-fiction from writers who, like us, enjoy a little pop in their culture. It is our belief that quality defies genre, and while we definitely lean toward literary material, our minds are open to anything with a special punch that grabs our attention and won’t let us go. We’ve sailed through many ports of the literary world and seen wondrous things—sea monsters and pirates and sirens among them– and are happy to drop anchor on an isle of our own. We like water salty, drinks frozen, and writing that transports us.

If you’re a fellow writer consider submitting a piece and if you’re a reader check out the great stuff on their site. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

I hope you enjoy Milton Friedman and a Semester at Sea. And hopefully I’ll have more to share soon.