1980s carpeting and a dream left long ago at the curb outside an airportHow often can you reminisce before nostalgia stops being sweet and nourishing and just becomes sad, a waste?
How many years can you long for something before you simply crave the longing and have forgotten the essence of what you longed for?
After years have been spent and nothing has changed, how do you go on?
What is the next step when all your efforts proved fruitless, yet endless possibilities stand before you?
What’s the first step?
Everything has changed an infinite number of times over since you spoke, since any memory you had still had life.
When emotions didn’t have to be artificially injected and everything danced of its own accord?
When can we play again and how did we ever get any of it started?
How did anything happen?
What reason did we have?
What reasons did we actually give?

When nothing was solid and everything seemed to be, we stood and laughed at the world and it laughed right back at us.

– March 10, 2012