Words will keep us together

Fiction, musings and all things writing by Gregory T. Janetka


Short stories (>1,000 words)

Quakers and Energy Drinks (May 2017) – Published by Storgy
A train trip from San Diego to LA. Unstable relationships. Longing for what isn’t. Delicious fruit-flavored candy. (3,792 words)

Juror #6 (December 2016) – Published by Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal
A man with extreme anxiety, a burn over his eye and an irritable bowel reports for jury duty. (3,200 words)

The Blackest Lungs of Virginia (December 2016) – Published by Gravel
Two men on the run find themselves trapped in a bar. (1,952 words)

The Hour (October 2016) – Published by Heartwood Literary Magazine
Tim is about to find out there’s something magical in the hour between four and five AM.  (2,414 words)

Doing Shots with Fitzgerald on the Last Night of the World (March 2016) – Published by Birch Gang Review
Ben and Thomas take a drive on their last night together in DC after failing to graduate from college with the rest of their friends. (2,383 words)

The Coffee Hour (January 2016) – Published by Scarlet Leaf Review
Edward Celery Peddlebottom III recently moved to the city from the countryside. The day after his 30th birthday he goes on an epic quest to find a cup of coffee. (4,048 words)

Ten at the Trio (December 2015) – A love letter to music, friendship and Chicago in 12 parts. Ten story lines that converge at an Alkaline Trio show at the Fireside Bowl. (7,892 words)

On A Tuesday (October 2014) – Published by Flyover Country Review
A man walks into a bar on a late Tuesday afternoon. A lady bartender and a telephone. (1,824 words)

♦ The Accidental Cat Sitter (February 2014)
An undated manuscript. An escaped convict. Refuge in an abandoned house. Two felines. (2,316 words)

49 Days of Vicissitudes (November 2010)
17 interconnected scenes of childhood, Buddhism, fire, and the stories we tell ourselves. (1,378 words)

♦ A Holiday (November 2010)
A love story. A treasured novel. Christmastime. (1,038 words)

One Word (June 2010)
The first word is most often the hardest. (1,530 words)

♦ A Story to Pass the Time (October 2009)
One boys coping mechanism for a Grandmother with dementia. (1,349 words)

♦ Edwin (February 2009)
A high school outcast trains himself to overcome all pain, but at what cost? (2,602 words)

♦ Caveat Emptor (December 2008)
A man in hiding for 1,457 days must leave his house or face certain death. (5,060 words)

♦ Settling in for the Night (October 2008)
A quiet suburb. Two children find each other and try to build their ideal worlds. (2,882 words)

♦ I hope you’re not the type to kill the messenger (June 2008)
A man on a train with too many words, and a song, stuck in his head. (1,423 words)

♦ Run Home, John Doe (May 2008)
A confirmed bachelor. A strange boy who always has a different name. Waking up. (5,956 words)

♦ Caroline (September 2007)
A young girl in a room with no windows and no doors. (1,380 words)

♦ Ralph and the Fire (June 2006)
What is the measure of a man and what happens in the untrodden forest of childhood? (1,596 words)

♦ The Boy and the Squirrels (June 2006)
A boy enjoys a snack with squirrels. (1,107 words)

Flash Fiction (<1,000 words)


Childhood stories

She was across an ocean, not very wide, but on all other accounts, an ocean.
I saw her, ran into the ocean and started to swim,
but no matter how fast I swam, I couldn’t get to her.


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