Words will keep us together

Fiction, poetry and musings by Gregory T. Janetka

Already, All the Time

The night was still, the cool breeze silent.
Night crickets made themselves known over an occasional ripple of waves.

The two lay beside one another, looking to the sky in order to avoid each others eyes.
The world became the clouds.
Taking on the appearance of an ice flow, huge chunks began to break off and float downstream.

The two lightly breathed in the fresh air of the velvet night.

As the flow disintegrated, small stars came out of hiding, dotting the landscape.
The clouds continued their journey to parts unknown, as the stars winked in approval on the two below, whose eyes, precisely at that moment, met.

They dwelt within one another and kissed away the countless artificialities of a lifetime of plastic, trading it for plasticity.  The cool air danced with their warm breath as they found one anothers lips yet again. Perspiration covered their bodies as their ever increasing heartbeats covered the white noise that life had become around them.  Bodies interwoven, the lightest touch an innocent dance, an excursion, an adventure. Mysteries took on the heat of darkness, creating new synaptic connections, new sensations, new dreams.

The early morning mist glistened on the half-asleep grass. The moon attempted to provide the two with the longest night possible, but reluctantly gave way to powers beyond its control.

The world woke up, blissfully unaware of new love in its midst.

-December 2010

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