Like many people, I started writing poetry during adolescence.She
Like most poetry written during this period, mine was terrible.
At one point I fell victim to a publisher promising my inclusion in a poetry anthology when I was 14. Indeed my work was added, and indeed it was godawful. The only positive thing about it is that no matter how bad I think something I’m working on is, I can always turn to that volume and say, “Wow, I couldn’t write something that bad again if I tried,” and then I feel better.

So there we are.

Having long since found my love of prose, I rarely play around with poetry anymore – like that friend you were once really close to but now have little in common with. Indeed, poetry and I grew apart, but occasionally it feels like the best medium. To that end here is a series of three poems that are related and form a trilogy, but are intended to stand on their own. They tell the story of a relationship at three points.

The first, Already, All the Time, is about the release of a passion that has been building for years. It’s also about the early stages of a relationship where you can miss a person before they are actually gone.

The second, When reality overcomes dreams it makes for sleepless nights, is when two come together and simultaneously realize that what they want is exactly what the other wants; that after the initial passion has been explored, there is more, much more, that remains.

Finally, Soup for one can easily feed two, is when things are no longer perfect, when the other person’s flaws become evident, yet you will still do anything in the world for them. When they are you and you are them.