Words will keep us together

Fiction, poetry and musings by Gregory T. Janetka

Found letters: it’s purely scientific

This morning I found a letter, but it has been damaged.  Only the following phrases are legible:

it’s purely scientific
it didn’t last very long
against my back
i feel privileged
a little overzealous
i downed half of it before my mother caught me
sleeping too much
i’m done lying
the world is dirty

greedily took it
like a secret treasure
again by accident on friday night
nearly 4:15 am
our strange conversations
she didn’t stop me
that has nothing to do with my choice
tear into all those bright boxes
at least somewhat happy. and eating
the sky flickered green
8 years old staring up
none of this matters

i shouldn’t send this letter
my sister suspects
decided to paint a huge city-skyline
no particular city
besides, at the end of the day i go home.

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