Good morning everybody! (Or whatever time it is where you are).

I couldn’t be happier today to announce that my latest short story “Settling in for the Night” have been published by Failbetter. This is a story close to my heart that I originally wrote way back in 2007/8. Since then I revised it many times and also saw it rejected many times. But as any writer knows that just means that he hasn’t found the right home yet.

At 3,093 words, “Settling in” is the story of Jeffy, a young, lonely boy seeking to make sense of his world. When a new neighbor, Eloisa, moves in he finds a genuine connection, but still is unable to fully reveal himself. At the same time he watches the construction of a new home being built across the street and, with the help of his mother, attempts to re-create it in miniature in his closet. In the end the question remains, what can we build and what can we destroy?

For those unfamiliar with this literary magazine, Failbetter refers to itself as “a journal of literature and art from Richmond, VA and New York, NY. Founded in 2000, our journal’s latest iteration was launched in January 2017.” I found their communication very clear throughout the entire publication process and I would highly recommend them to any writer. As of this post, their guidelines for submitting fiction are as follows, “We publish short stories, self-contained novel excerpts, and novellas. If you’re sending a short story or novel excerpt, send only one at a time.” They do accept simultaneous submissions.