Hi everybody, it sure has been a long time. Sigh.

2020 is (thankfully) winding down. It’s been a hell of a year, and due to a number of physical, mental, and emotional issues, I have barely been able to write at all. I lost my job early in the pandemic and other then a little bit of contract work haven’t been able to do anything. One thing that kept me sane was starting a new website called One Hundred False Starts and I’d like to share it here today.

I’ve mentioned on this site before how influential the writers of the Jazz Age were on me, most notably F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was his work that first made me see just how beautiful writing can be. And to that end, for years I have thought about starting a website dedicated to all of the many writers of that Lost Generation, and the pandemic allowed me to do just that.

With my physical issues it has been very slow going, but we have a (somewhat) active blog, ever-growing timeline, very slowly growing detailed pages on individual books, and growing list of relevant places. The focus of the site, however, is on the people, mainly the writers. We have a huge list here, which you can click through to profiles on each of them. Eventually my goal is to make this the most comprehensive site online dedicated to this generation of writers, and with what I have been able to find online, it might already be there, as crazy as that is.

If anyone knows of any great sites dedicated to these people as a whole, not as individuals, please leave it in the comment section below!