Hey all, hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. I’ve been trying to make the most of this shelter-in-place by writing as much as I can. Of course, my focus, (which has never been great), is fairly nonexistent these days, leading to little output. However, I was ecstatic to get my copy of the 61st edition of The Phoenix in the mail today and see my story, The Catatonic War of Catherine McFadden, in print! As of this writing it can be purchased through their submittable page for $10.

Catherine has always had a strange association with time. For the first seven years of her life she never slept, only entered what appeared to be catatonic states. As such, her days were never the same as those of others and she always felt behind. Grown up and living alone, one night while a storm rages outside her apartment, she falls through her couch and into another world.

For those unfamiliar with The Phoenix, it is an annual print journal published by Pfeiffer University since 1958. Check out all about it on their website here.