Prayer for a 10am meeting

With every day being the same
we write these same words over again
knowing they won’t change
but hoping we will.

Until then we keep at it,
keep repeating
letters and words and inflections,
drawing a routine made of coffee cups and liquor bottles
forever taking us up and down
without moving from our seat.

What will it take us to stand up,
to feel our feet on the ground,
and once we do
to know there is no ground beneath us

So let us write and read,
let us reform the same letters and words
and phrases till the day is long over
and before another begins.

Let us exist in this place that doesn’t exist
and call forth everything we’ve ever known
and been taught and let us say
it’s all shit and fuck what we’ve been told
until we tell all we know
and those we tell it to
finally feel their feet under them
and tell us what we’ve said
is all shit and fuck what we’ve taught them
and let it continue,
with us once again knowing nothing,
but with as few people as possible sitting
and the rest feeling their feet
and feeling those possibilities.


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