Bombed out French church

May arched backs know rest

When the angels have hills and eyes
then there’s nothing beyond
these tree-lined streets
and rolling hills
to give us pause
because it’s all here,
the ever unfolding continuation of humanity
in its dirt and recesses,
sky and clouds alike.

Winds that blew through ages ago
blow through again
and dying breaths
continue to circle the globe
and be breathed again
until all last breaths
are first breaths
and there fails to be any difference
between life and death.

With this unfolding,
and the chants of a million simpletons,
each looking for the same on a Sunday
be it from the turf or the pulpit,
the continuity and continuation remains unchanged,
no matter the technology and apparent flow of time

Peace is in our hearts,
peace has always been in our hearts.


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