Cover art of Maybeshewill's album Not For The Want of Trying

Music and fiction writing have always been intertwined for me. This post is part of a series highlighting bands that I’ve found inspiring to listen to while writing.

As I sit here to post this I am shocked to find it has been almost exactly a year since I last did a Music to write to post. There are so many great bands that have been an inspiration to me, conjuring up ideas, activating the creative part of the brain, taking me where I need to be to work on a story.

One of those bands is the recently defunct Maybeshewill who hailed from Leicester, England. First started in 2005, they drifted to the heavier end of post-rock and back and if I’m doing a slower paced, moodier piece they probably would not be on my playlist, but I’ve listened to them a number of times while pushing action forward, taking characters out of their comfort zone.

I first heard Maybeshewill as part of a Post-Rock Paper-Scissors podcast while I was riding on a train from San Diego to Los Angeles during my 80 day trip across the country. The song was the title track from the 2008 record Not For The Want of Trying. It was forceful and captivating and featured a great sample from the classic film Network, one of the formative films of my adolescence.

Here is that song –

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