Cover of Lowercase Noises album This Is For Our SinsWith rejections flowing in at a steady pace, (but with quite a ways to go before reaching this guy), and moving to California in less than a month, this blog has sadly suffered and is not updated nearly as much as I’d like it to be. I have been happily at work, however, on what began as a two page short story and has now reached page 46. As my first finished novel took 5 years to complete, the movement on this new manuscript is very exciting, no matter how rough the first draft may be. When the writing itself is a joyous experience, that’s when you know it’s what you should be doing. The first thing I’d think of in the morning and the last before sleep used to be whatever girl I was mad about at the time, but as there hasn’t been any of those for years now, that energy has all gone towards writing and my psyche is all the better for it. Loneliness be damned.

While writing this past week I’ve been listening to This Is For Our Sins, the 2014 record by Lowercase Noises. For those unfamiliar, Lowercase Noises is the project of Andy Othling. He’s been at it for a number of years now and I’ve enjoyed all his past works, but this record really stuck with me. It’s stunning and beautiful and a place I’m happy to live in, especially while writing. As Andy explains, the record “follows the story of the Lykov family, who lived isolated in the Russian wilderness for over 40 years before their discovery by geologists in 1978. Agafia, born in the wilderness in 1943, is the last remaining member of the family. She continues to live in the harsh Siberian landscape to this day.”

An incredible story and an incredible record. Anyone interested in instrumental/ambient/post-rock, make sure to check it out. And if you like it please support him if you can. Happy listening!

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