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Just a little over two weeks into 2016 and this has already been a more productive year for publishing than 2015. Yesterday my short story, The Coffee Hour, was published by Scarlet Leaf Review. It was part of their inaugural issue of prose and poetry, with one scheduled for each quarter.

At just over 4,000 words, The Coffee Hour is the longest story I’ve had published to date and third this year. It tells the story of Edward Celery Peddlebottom III, a kid from the countryside who moved to the city. We meet up with him the day after his 30th birthday when he goes on a quest to find a cup of coffee. I started it years ago when I was living in Florida as a small love letter to Chicago but didn’t have the proper inspiration to finish it until moving here to San Diego last year.

For other writers out there, check out Scarlet Leaf Review and consider submitting. Here is their mission statement:

To find a niche in the rich literary world and once we have done that to let the writers and artists, either old or young, have their say. ​​

To promote various genre and provide writers with access to publication.

To offer a forum for authors and artists whose works challenges the accepted forms and modes of expression.

To encourage the appreciation of the contemporary literature and art and to expand the world of readers.

Our mission is to erase borders and unite thoughts – no matter how divergent they are – under one umbrella. To give voice to emerging writers and offer a “canvas” to future world renowned artists.

Cheers Scarlet Leaf Review, thanks for seeing merit in my work. Readers, I hope you enjoy The Coffee Hour.