image capture from The Machinery website 1.11.2016

Since the stroke of midnight, 2016 has been an incredible year. On Sunday my flash fiction piece, Basilica, was published by literary website The Machinery. It is the second piece I’ve had published this year, making it the best start to a writing year I’ve ever had, with a third piece to be published soon.

For those unfamiliar, The Machinery is a new website based out of India. They describe themselves as follows:

Magic is nothing but science which hasn’t been explained yet. All machinery was once magic, and we hope we can create some magic that becomes Machinery in the future.

The Machinery will focus on diversity, we want everything from pulp fiction to works of abstract art.

The Machinery will be a 50(ish) page literary collection featuring prose and fiction from writers around the world. It’ll be available online through the magazine service ISSUU, and on smartphone devices.

Please consider submitting your work and supporting the site. And take a look at my story, I hope you enjoy it.