This is the eighty-sixth of 87 letters exchanged during World War II between Nicholas Salvatore and Elizabeth Galloway. For more see Nicholas and Elizabeth.


August 7, 1945


Dear Nicholas,

When you get here we’re going to go to Central Park – have you gone? I’m sitting there now. Mother and I just had lunch and are here now with more than double the entire population of Arizona. They’re going about their days, adding to their stories and changing the world by doing so. We’ll have a picnic here and lay around. I’ll put my head on your stomach and we’ll take a nap in the sunshine. And all we’ll feel is the warmth and one another.

Mother and I have been looking around for a place but haven’t found one we feel good about yet. We’re determined to make it work. I can’t go back to a small town. Never. My aunt is trying to get my mom a job teaching dance to children. Apparently she knows someone who owns a studio and it might be a good fit. I went to a dinner party where I was the youngest there by far. I met a woman who knew Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald when they first came here. She told me all about their antics – jumping in fountains, riding on top of taxis, a two-person riot. But she also told me of the love between them whenever they were together. I’d love to meet her some time. The woman wasn’t sure where Zelda is these days, some private clinic or other, but she’s still around and too bad about Scott.

It’s all coming together like a fairy tale, isn’t it? It really is. I’ve got a surprise for you when you get here. All I can say is that it changes everything. I’ll keep the place warm for you.


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