Light one for me, will you?

The Summer Left Us Between Ambient Coastlines

Oh you, mouthing words
you should have said years ago.
By god, it’s alright,
they’re still deserved and
time can’t stop the devil from playing red rover
when there’s arms to be broken
and salutations to be given.

So, Queen, let me just say this,
that those expensive boots don’t know
anything but how terrible your feet smell
and the constant pressure from 120 pounds
for longer than the average working day.

Then again,
crusts and mantle hide tunnels
and harmonicas
between ten percent juice flavored drinks
and sugar water in miniature barrels.
The deals were too good to pass up,
and besides which,
these 1am shopping trips
will live with us
long after we stop speaking.
It’s the way of things
but so is the smell of water balloons
and snow cones eaten
while stuffing wiffle bats with newspaper.
There wasn’t anything to be said then
and I suppose there isn’t now either.

But that won’t stop us from trying.