Grey cat snuggled into his cat bedFound this letter tucked under my pillow this morning:

Hey tall guy,

Your first question is probably “How is my cat writing me a letter,” but don’t worry about it. I have already forgotten more than you will ever know or understand. And yes, all of your suspicions are true, we play dumb, but we do it out of love and to make you feel better.

Anyway, we’ve been together a long time now. I heard you say 10 years the other day, but that means nothing to me. What does mean something to me is that I’ve been with you much longer than anyone else and you put up with my bullshit more than anyone else.

I had been returned to the shelter several times before you found me. That’s why I was a “Star Pet” when you showed up. They were worried no one would want me. I can’t stand children – what can I say? – The high-pitched squealing, the pulling on my tail and tossing me about…how am I the bad guy?

We’ve been through a lot – much of which you subjected me to without my consent. Yes, all those times you thought I was retaliating your right. I mean, all those long car trips, what were you thinking? (Okay, I got used to them and eventually came to even enjoy them, but I promised myself I’d never tell you that).

I know I can be needy and that I panic every time you leave the house, but it’s just because I don’t know what I’d do without you.

I love you, tall guy.

Grey Cat