A couple of years ago I spent new year’s eve on a plane, flying 1,100 miles to meet up at a party with a girl who I had been good friends with for a number of years. We had gotten very close and I let my feelings known. Despite the fact that she said she loved me too, she still seemed unsure. I flew back home, letting her know I would be back for new year’s and if she was interested I would move down permanently to be with her. While I was away we talked about the party and what we’d do when I flew back down.

That night I made it to the party, but she never showed. At midnight she sent me a text wishing me a happy new year and saying she was sorry she couldn’t make it but she had to paint her apartment. Yes, that was the best excuse she could come up with. However, I was still there for several days, so instead of saying she had to paint her apartment the rest of the days she just ignored me instead and, despite knowing that she was only reason I returned, she didn’t offer any valid reason for being unable to see me. Ah well, so it goes.

It was a shitty situation to say the least. Not only had I lost a potential lover but one of my closet friends as well. It was quite some time until I could tell anyone that I had intended to propose that night. Certainly in the end it was better that she didn’t show as I would’ve simply made an even bigger ass of myself. But, more importantly, it inspired me to write my first play based on the incident, which I called Flight 1872 (transcribed). And so here it is, enjoy and happy new year.