Avenida Cuarta

(conversation outside of [store], walking toward his car)

Her –  I have all these boys mad at me. (Pause)  (Looking at him) You’re not mad at me, are you?

Him –  (Taken aback slightly) Are you kidding?!?


Her –  Are you as far from being mad at me as is possible?

Him – (chuckles) You could say that… Annnnd I think we’ll leave that right there.

(get to car, eye contact, pause)

Him –  Would it upset anyone if I gave you a hug in this facility? (Indicates [store] area)

Her – Only [cough] and I don’t care about that.


Him – (Looking down at her) You fit very well there.

Her – I’ve always thought so.

(he gets in car, goodbyes and well wishes are said)


– For more in this series and the story behind it, see 13 years