DeadhorseWhile most of 2012 has felt like a sort of limbo for me, the one area where I’ve continually made new discoveries has been music. There’s simply so much great stuff going on out there that I find it overwhelming at times. And yet, when it came to figuring out my favorite discovery of the year there was no question – Deadhorse from Erie, PA, blew me away.

Before I go any further I guess I should preface this all – most people name their top records of the year (if that were the case it’d be Sigur Ros’ Valtari hands down), but ever since I was 13 it was much more important to me to note the most personally important band/song that I discovered that year. When I was 13 it was Screeching Weasel, now, when I’m 30 it’s a great post-rock band named Deadhorse. They didn’t release anything in 2012 (at least not that I’ve seen), but of all the new bands I listened to this year they stuck with me the most. I first heard their song “New Bones” on the I Am Shark comp (which you can get free here), immediately went searching for anything else by them and haven’t stopped listening since. Really, really great stuff.

Hopefully they’ll be putting out some new stuff in 2013 – until then check them out at the sites below and make sure to support them if you can!

Deadhorse on:

Oh, and happy new year.