Snape Tea
Thanks for the Christmas tea, Kate

The first thing that you should know is that I love tea. It is simple to share coffee with someone but sharing a cup of tea is intimate, inviting, precious. If I had an online dating profile the first qualification would be “must be willing and able to share a cup of tea with  and allow the rest of the universe to slip away until the cups are empty.”

The second thing you should know is that I like to write stories. Being able to scratch a pen across paper has saved me from myself time and time again and sometimes the result is even worth reading. I shall aim to only include those on the site.

I’ve only ever tried to write one holiday related story and, since it’s nearly Christmas, and since it’s one of my favorite things I’ve written, it’s fitting to have it be the first story on here.

Thus, here is A Holiday. I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful one yourself. Cheers!

Love, Gregory