Post-rock has been around long enough now that I figured a simple search for “Post-rock Christmas” would bring up at least some obscure compilation on a label I’ve never heard of with bands that never made it longer than an ep, if that. To my surprise there wasn’t even that so I did my best to cull the internet for at least something. While mostly a failure, here’s what I found. If you know of any please post them in the comments.

First up, the only actual post-rock cover of a Christmas song I could find:

Withyouathome is based in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m not too big on their songs with lyrics, but their instrumental stuff is great. Here’s their version of a classic:

World’s End Girlfriend is one guy from Japan. He makes a wide variety of music – I dig the more post-rock/classically influenced stuff, not so much the electronica. This song is certainly not post-rock, but it is a bit absurd and uses It’s a Wonderful Life – how could I not like it?

Next up is a band called De portables. I’ve never heard of them and don’t particularly like this one much but I stumbled upon it and it is titled “A Postrock Christmas,” so here ya go:

Finally, two songs from the amazing Mogwai. As far as I know neither have anything to do with Christmas, but they do have Christmas in the title. Sorry, it’s about the best I could do. Again, if you know of any, please post them below!