Words will keep us together

Fiction, poetry and musings by Gregory T. Janetka


infirm but irate, insoluble yet distracted,
with cat feed he sneaks behind her,
heart in hand,
immaturity intact,
memories failing,
senses floating.

The intransigent sea floats to the endless decibel of ingratitude.
Elsewhere tonight the bell calls the children in for the night,
in from the creatures,
the darkness,
and the true adventure…
playing an adventure in “dress up”
rendered unconscious by a world touching madness {while dressed in style}
heralds a new youth,
a new form of children taken to beads of disobedience and suffering new levels,
new experiences dancing upon the raised walls,
dividers between this and that artificially
constructed desire.

Eminent youth brocaded beyond saltiness,
beyond absurdity,
and plays with daylight,
with time,
with inevitability and finally
hits upon a meaning, a moment.

For one instant, everything makes sense.

-May 30, 2011

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