I wrote the first draft of my short story, “The need to apologize in advance,” way back in 2007. It was inspired by the song Six Feet Deep from nineteenhundredandtwelve, a 90s emo/screamo band who appear to never have done much. The point is, they had this driving motion and energy that I wanted to try to capture in a story. It went through many rewrites and many submission processes, but never could find the right home.

There was something about the piece that I just loved and didn’t want to give up on so I kept reworking it and then finally a few months back I got the acceptance email from Alex at Lit. 202 and I couldn’t have been happier.

The digital version of their Winter 2022 edition is out today and you can check out my story here.

Of all of the places that I have been published, Lit. 202 has been among the most responsive and best at communicating, and it is clear that they truly care about their end product and not just getting more content on a website (which is more than I can say for a number of lit mags). So cheers to them and to Alex in particular!