Yup, you read that title correctly, I jumped into the fray that is YouTube and started a channel for my own writing. It’s not something I ever thought about in the past, but I figure it’s hard enough to get someone to read a short story in 2022, maybe they’ll listen to one?

This first video is an introduction to me and my own writing journey, but in the future I see this as a way for me to read my stories and try to connect with a larger audience, sharing everything that went into a piece, and hopefully starting good conversations.

If you watch the video it will become apparent why my chosen form of self-expression is writing. Hopefully that’s something I will get better at, but until then, here it is in all its rough glory.

Endless thanks go to my fiancé Cori for her help teaching me the basics of editing, as well as for her creation of the logo and thumbnail. (And of course for her and the support and belief in me).