Denver –> San Diego

I will take these sour days
and extend them
until the sun burns brighter
and the buildings are higher than the holes in your eyes,
before common sense delays the days
and the sensible thing
cannot be anything but a final option
away from anywhere and wherever you are
but before we calm down
and the days pass
let’s raise a glass to the entombed
and those flying high above,
where eagles dare
and misfits sing beguiling things,
where Toulouse is a cat
and the bears are fed lettuce and carrots
but before anyone can get in a word edgewise
or sidewise
or abovewise
or any of the other ways
we can dye all the colors of hell
even while we hang balloons
for Father’s Day
and Mother’s Day
and we’ll sing to the death of regret
and hope we never let those routines
take over again
and concentrate all our efforts of living
on every single being.

– September 24, 2016

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