Going home again

When the partition went up between us I found myself facing the angry mob with nothing on my person but the two bags of groceries I’d bought for my infirm landlady. Without hesitation they tore into them, sending canned peas, carrots and mushrooms to the ground. They ripped into the cat food and multicolored kibble lined the street, leaving a trail behind me. I was through the first line of them but soon hit the second. At that point all I had left was half a baguette and whatever was in the cat food bag. I’d used the last of my cash at the store and damned if I would make it back empty-handed. But that’s how it was to be, for a third line of them encircled my building. I dodged the first then put my shoulder forward and straight into the weakest link. She fell and I ran inside, locking the four bolts on the door. It was all gone. I’d failed again but I was still here. There’s always tomorrow.