Tense body feeds tense mind feeds anxiety feeds
the deterioration of dexterity.
Simple admission of fact to be used for what end?
Questions pose side by side with
feeding anxiety, feeding flight, feeding
the irrecoverable loss of time.

Tension stemming from intention,
from being and unbeing,
from plans upon plans upon plans.
Plans for what? For everything!
Without plans chaos descends,
interconnectivity runs rampant,
letting events unfold with ease
and who wants that?

So meet the day.
Meet it with generosity and kindness,
and the knowledge that everything which will happen
will happen only because of everything which has
already happened.
Take all that is happening and meet it with love,
and love and kindness and generosity
will all be carried through
from what is
to what will be
and we’ll all be the better for it.


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