After months of planning and packing and donating and tossing things, my fiancee and I have finally made the successful trek from San Diego to Chicago. While I have lived in a number of places around the country, and met wonderful people in each of them, Chicago is the only place that has every truly felt like home. We are still getting settled in, and it’ll be a long road to making this house a home, but we’re here and I’m happy.

A great deal of planning went into a long distance move like this, which unfortunately made my writing grind to a halt. I did have an idea, however, to both channel my need for creativity and dive into my excitement of returning back home. The result?!

Literary Chicagoland banner - Art Deco style

With Literary Chicagoland, I want to highlight and celebrate all the wonderful rich history, tradition, and rich literary culture in Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area. To that end I’ve already populated a spreadsheet with over 200 bookstores, libraries, statues, and all sorts of miscellany related to writing in the windy city. Not sure how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to it once I get a job (a paying one, that is – not fiction writing), but for now it’s growing nicely.

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We also have pages on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have any suggestions for places we should highlight with this project, please comment below 🙂