Since the beginning of this year I’ve been concentrating my time on a series of boyhood stories that I ultimately want to compile into a book. However, while going through my random notes I came across one about an old man on a park bench. I immediately began writing and in one go had a 1000 word story that I called Peppermint. After some tweaking I sent it out and the lovely folks at Five on the Fifth decided it was worth publishing, which they did on my birthday no less. (Happy birthday to me!)

Peppermint is about time and the things that can transport us from the present to many, many years ago, and how that past is always with us and continues to shape our present.

For those unfamiliar with Five on the Fifth, it is run by Editor-In-Chief Mahdis Marzooghian and publishes five stories on the fifth of every month. You can check out all their issues online. Writers, check out their guidelines and send a story their way!