Signals to Vega album art

Music and fiction writing have always been intertwined for me. This post is part of a series highlighting bands that I’ve found inspiring to listen to while writing.

What with starting a new job that has left me exhausted for the last month or so I haven’t been doing much writing. I simply haven’t been in the right mind state to write anything but terrible, worn out sentences and phrases. Then I realized one reason I haven’t been there is because I hadn’t been listening to much music and hadn’t been listening to any new music at all. And so I went on a hunt for music to inspire me to write.

I waded through a number of generic bands and was getting disheartened. Then I came across the two Open Language samplers put out by A Thousand Arms. Sampler cds were instrumental in my musical upbringing and I’m always excited to search for the needle in the haystack of uninteresting bands. These samplers have a number of pretty well known post-rock bands but also a bunch I’d never heard of and of those I was happy to find I enjoyed most and was impressed by a solid handful. One of those is Signals to Vega out of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Their bandcamp page describes them as follows:

Signals To Vega is a melodic, instrumental rock band from Lake Charles, Louisiana. We incorporate classical composition techniques with use of modern instruments and experimentation. We are inspired by metal, post-rock, math/prog rock, and ambient music.

They appear to have only released one album, Into the Arms of Infinity, in 2013, and remastered it in 2015. As their Twitter hasn’t been updated since December 2012 it looks as though they may have been one of those bands that burn bright and disappear. I sure hope not, but even if they only leave the world with these five songs they’ve done the world a great service, and given me some great tunes to get me in the right place to write. Give them a listen while I go and work on the final draft of a story that’s been sitting on my desk for two months. Cheers.

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