Scarlet Leaf Review Short Story Anthology Vol. 1In my life I have worked at Barnes & Noble stores in Illinois, Alabama and San Diego. I most recently served under the title of “Bookseller,” but books were the last thing I was expected to convince customers to buy. First, I was expected to sell them a credit card, then a membership, then convince them to give me their email, then sell them on promotional items (which may or may not include books), and finally, books themselves.

As I love books and talking about books it was rather heartbreaking and ultimately convinced me I needed to quit. How great though, to see yesterday that I had a story published in an ebook story collection that is being sold on Yes, it is one short story, in one little-known ebook, but it is one of the more satisfying moments of my life.

Put out by Scarlet Leaf Review, the collection is made up of short stories recently published on their website. My story, The Coffee Hour, was published on their site this past January. Their Editor In Chief, Roxana Nastase, has been extremely proactive in promoting the works published on their site and I encourage any writers out there to consider submitting their work. Submission guidelines can be found here.

In addition to Barnes & Noble the collection can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, Scribd, inktera, and Kobo.