Two benches, no you

Another dance before we eat?

These are 10 fingers and 10 toes that don’t back down to terrorists no matter how nicely they’re asked.
From what came beyond
to what is here and free and easy,
that’s what we came for,
that’s who we want to dance with.

What was it that Mary Burton said about sliding down a river?
Oh yeah – always do it backwards.

It is with relief that we opened the doors this morning
to find her deep in the stages of denial
all while enjoying a delicious treat from the corner.
Surely you must be joking.
It is with trepidation that I take your card and invite you into my house.
How can a man be sure of anyone these days?
Suppose I gave you free drink tickets – would you squander them on weekday nights?
It is with unapologetic heart
that I tell you, child,
that that dress is much too short.

No, no, don’t try to make peace with the infidels now,
they’re beyond your charms.
Well, what passes for charms these days, anyhow.
I mean,
take this resort –
all the plush couches and lovingly lit grottoes –
one would think the world was on fire with calm repose,
not tasting the defeat of all roads.
Where is this beginning you wanted to show me?
I only see ends.
You took those too, didn’t you?

You are a kindly girl, you are.

Another day closes with eyes softly entrenched in days gone by.
Did you see me today?
I was waiting for you in the stands.
That’s okay, it was my pleasure.
You better get packed up now, we’ve got a lot of miles to cover tomorrow.
Deal? No, there’s no deals here, only hypotheses.

Ah, ah, delight.
You are everything I could have asked for.
Now get over here and kiss me.


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