Yesterday the inaugural issue of Birch Gang Review came out and I’m happy to say my story, “Doing Shots with Fitzgerald on the Last Night of the World,” is featured in it. The story follows Ben and Thomas on their last night together in DC after failing to graduate from college with the rest of their friends.

Based on a trip I took with friends to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s grave in Maryland, it looks at that moment of terror when the real world looms large for the first time and what it is that will get us through it. It was written with love for and is dedicated to everyone I lived with at the Brandywine House. I love and miss you all.

For those unfamiliar, Birch Gang Review is described as “an online literary magazine of poetry, fiction and photography/artwork that welcomes submissions from new and established writers and artists of all backgrounds.”

Introducing the site, co-editor in chief Steven Aliano wrote, “I started this online literary journal for many reasons. Chief among them is to recreate that feeling of community that I love to see when artistic people are able to come together and support one another in all forms of expression. I hope that I, to the best of my abilities, can be able to foster another one of those communities. Thus, along with being as active as possible, I want to allow contributors the opportunity to promote their future work and other endeavors after publication in BGR.”

So, fellow writers – and artists and photographers – consider submitting. All my interactions with BGR have been professional and I like their style. And lovers of writing – and art and photography – check out the site and consider supporting them in whatever way possible. Sharing a link always does the heart of an artist good 🙂