This is the third part of a twelve-part story called Ten at the Trio. It takes place in and around the Chicago area in the Spring of 2000. It is dedicated to everyone I have ever gone to an Alkaline Trio show with. For previous parts go here.


Ten at the Trio

V. Where’d you take those bedroom eyes?


“You saying you wouldn’t do Skiba?”

“That wasn’t the question. The question was who do you want to lose your virginity to and I say the singer from The Get Up Kids,” Stella replied defiantly.

“Fine, Skiba’s all mine,” Chelsea said.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t do him, he’s just not my first choice. But by the end of tonight it’s gonna be either Skiba or him,” Stella said, pointing to the group of boys in from of them, singling out Mike, who was wearing a green hoodie covered in band patches. He’d recently dyed his nearly shaved head blonde with black circles strewn throughout.

“Seriously? He’s been with half the girls on campus. Plus if you’re gonna go for Brendan Kelly go for the real one, not some shitty rip-off.”

“I know, but it totally works for him.”

Stella sighed and lit a cigarette. Chelsea opened her mouth to speak but closed it, knowing she couldn’t argue. She couldn’t stand Mike – his shit smug smile, his over-confidant demeanor and his willingness to bed down anything with boobs. She hated how much she was attracted to him as well. Jerk.

The red and white building loomed up before them as Chelsea watched Mike pull a plastic bag from him pocket, drink the clear contents and toss the bag in the gutter. She shuddered, revolted. Goddamn she hated him.

End of Part V

Part VI