This is the nineteenth of 87 letters exchanged during World War II between Nicholas Salvatore and Elizabeth Galloway.
For more see Nicholas and Elizabeth.

Destroyed buildings in Italy

ETO, February 1944

Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks for the photo. It is perfectly incomplete and just how I picture you in my mind. Never fully knowing another person is what creates passion that can last a lifetime, desire that transcends time, love itself. All we are is a series of pieces and in each encounter with others we decide which of those pieces we’ll share. The special ones are those you share with no one else.

I think today might be Valentine’s Day – happy Valentine’s Day. Other than sleeping, this is the first free moment I’ve had and wanted to at least dash off a short note. Time gets to be meaningless around here.

I can’t stop looking at your picture. You’re so beautiful, do you know that?

Take care,


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