This is the sixth of 87 letters exchanged during World War II between Nicholas Salvatore and Elizabeth Galloway.
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The stars at night are big and bright

Dear Peter,

It has been nearly three months since you woke me up, do you remember? You were crying because your shadow had gone off to war and you missed it. I asked what address they put on your letters and you said you didn’t get letters. You couldn’t sufficiently explain to me where you lived or where you came from.

I was every inch a woman and had to explain to you what a kiss is, (which I must now admit I misled you on slightly). I also must admit that I did not mislead you when it comes to telling stories. I have endless stories to capture your imagination with, some of which may even be true. You went back to tell the others but didn’t invite me to come along. Just as long as you come back for me when you can so that we can go off and have many adventures together.



PS – Let us not speak of war, of death, of tragedy. I know there is little you can tell me about where you are and what you’re doing – I want you to tell me even less. For us, in these pages, there is no war, just us. Now go get Captain Hook. And whatever you do, don’t trust that pixie. She’s got eyes for you.

PPS – You may ask me one question. I promise to answer honestly and completely.

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