Grandfather reading a magazine in a hotel
The words all sound the same

There are notes that conform with letter writing
and there are syllables that change with the light
and the involuntary pain of flying
without any mention of what it means to have a front yard,
and a window in-between.
Where memorized dialogue is all that sets us apart
from the actors and the playwrights
but sailing was never a young man’s game –
or so they say anyway.

Four times.
Four times I’ve told you to put away your thoughts and tidy things up when company comes over.
Do you know how embarrassing it is for the Wilson’s to see you with an unkempt mind?
Sad state of affairs,
sad state of affairs indeed.

The elderly couple that lived here, they were very nice, but never mention their name –
I said NEVER mention their name –
you hear me?
Where do you go when I’m listening to you?
The bread is in the oven, don’t forget to turn it off.