I’ve long felt that for everything you do in this world it is useful to ask yourself, “Why do I do this?” Especially with anything you say you’re passionate about. For me, of course, on top of the list is writing. And so, if you ask yourself this about your passions and you can’t say why, then are you really as passionate as you say you are?

(Likewise with anything you say you believe – ask yourself, “Why do I believe this?” and if you can’t give a solid answer, well, time to do some soul searching. Sorry, that’s a topic for another discussion).

So writing. Why do I write? I asked myself this about a week ago which led to a series of tweets but I came up with many more and rather than annoy the few followers I have with too many of these, I’ll just compile them here.

  • Because I’ve already given up on everything else working out.
  • Because it’s the only way to make the dead live again.
  • Because it’s the only time that things feel real.
  • Because I can rewrite the ending.
  • Because it allows me to time travel.
  • Because it’s an acceptable form of lying.
  • Because it’s a romantic thing to do, no matter the genre.
  • Because I don’t have enough crippling self-doubt already.
  • Because someday she may read something I wrote and remember me fondly.
  • Because someone could read my words and realize they aren’t the only weirdo who thinks this way.
  • Because it means I’m never alone.
  • Because it’s the only time I’m able to lose track of time.
  • Because it’s the cheapest (and best) form of therapy.
  • Because it’s what I do even when I don’t know what to do.
  • Because the written word is beautiful.
  • Because characters are desperate to live somewhere other than my head.
  • Because even though all stories may have already been written and I I’ll never be anywhere near as good as my literary heroes, it’s a joy simply to be part of the great history of the written word, no matter how insignificant and fleeting my role may be.

Fellow writers, why do you write?

There are no commercial value in these words, I write for the joy of it.