Lisa Hannigan's album PassengerWhile I’ve been listening to pretty much only instrumental post-rock and neoclassical music lately when I’m writing, the other day I was scrolling through my music and realized I hadn’t listened to Lisa Hannigan for much too long. She has a wonderfully emotive voice that I find very inspiring, conjuring up scenes full of colors, senses and beauty.

I first heard Lisa Hannigan a few years ago when my buddy Bob sent me a link to her performing I Don’t Know in a pub in Ireland (see below) and I was immediately captivated.

For those unfamiliar, Hannigan is an Irish singer, songwriter and musician who started out with Damien Rice. She’s released two full-length records, Sea Sew in 2008 and Passenger in 2011. I have not been fortunate enough to see her live, but said friend Bob was kind enough to send photos when he saw her in Chicago. Yes, Bob, I’m still jealous.

She has many great videos – I repeatedly find the song Safe Travels stuck in my head. It was a sort of a theme song for the trip I took across the country last year.

My all-time favorite video of her, however, is this cover of Moon River. I have long been in love with Audrey Hepburn’s version and didn’t think anyone else would ever be able to compare to it, yet Lisa Hannigan did just that. If I ever have an ungodly amount of money, I will gladly pay her whatever she wants to sing this to me as I fall asleep. Cheers.

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