Cover of Rumour Cubes' album Appearances of Collections

Rumour Cubes describe themselves as “a London-based 6-piece creating experimental, atmospheric instrumental music.” Their 2014 record Appearances of Collections has been on repeat on my playlist this week. They have something unique that I haven’t quite heard anywhere else before and whatever that thing may be, I love it. Like last week, I haven’t done much straight up writing this week, but have instead focused on researching literary agents who might be interested in my novel, while also doing final revisions to a short story I’ve been working on for some time now.

This record has very much helped me to make my way through that.

While I am always an advocate for listening to a record from start to finish rather than just a single or two, I highly, highly recommend doing so with this record. It is a beautiful journey, the nine tracks fitting together perfectly to make a soundscape to get lost in. That said, go listen to the full record on their bandcamp (and if you like them please, please support them), but for the purposes of introductions, here is perhaps my favorite track, Research and Destroy.

I can’t seem to find any live performances of songs from this record, but here’s them doing an older track.

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