Cover art for Tired Tape Machine's album "Not Here"This week’s Music to Write to comes from Sweden’s Tired Tape Machine. Like the last few artists, I first heard TTM from The Silent Ballet’s top 100 records of 2014 list. His album, Not Here, came in at number 60. TTM is the one-man project of Swedish musician Petter Lindhagen, who apparently made this record while locked up in a cabin in the woods. It is haunting in the most beautiful way imaginable. I was listening to it on repeat this week while making sense of and typing up the pile of random notes for various short stories, along with finishing the first rough draft of a story that came in around 7,700 words.

I really enjoy Lindhagen’s music, but find it difficult to describe. Instead, check out the official video for Stella’s Other Waltz yourself and if you dig it, listen to the album in full. There’s no substitute. (OH, and by the way, happy National Readathon Day!)

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