Flyover Country ReviewOctober began for me the best way possible – getting a short story accepted by the fine folks at Flyover Country Review. (The rest of the month has been fairly awful so far, but my story remains on their site and the rest of the junk has passed so there we are then.)

Anyway, my story, “On A Tuesday,” made it into their October issue and I’m proud to be a part of it. The piece is around 1,800 words and was inspired/based on a lovely lady bartender I met while on my recent trip back to Chicago. FCR describes itself as “an independent literary magazine focused on Midwest literature and culture,” and as anyone who has read this blog or knows me can attest that, while i’ve lived in a number of places, nowhere other that Chicago and the Chicagoland area has ever felt like home. #midwestisthebest

Thanks for reading.