Promotional photo of AnoiceMy writing this week has mostly consisted of playing around with ideas and doing research on the 1920s for my next major work of fiction. Without a specific band in mind to listen to while doing this, I went to the Notifications tab on Spotify to see if there was anything recent I had missed. It said that 33 days ago Anoice’s album Remmings had been added so I gave it a shot. I’ve enjoyed everything I had previously heard by the neoclassical/post-rock/instrumental group from Japan, and this was no different. Really great stuff to listen to while working. However, while the record might be new to Spotify (and listed there as being released in 2013), I just now see that it was actually their first record from way back in 2006. (Maybe it was re-released? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, Spotify.)

Anyway, Anoice has been around since 2004 and is based in Tokyo. It consists of Takahiro Kido, Yuki Murata, Utaka Fujiwara, Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa. The members all seem to have other projects – I have yet to check any of them out but if they are at all similar I’m sure I’d love them.

This is a great live video of their song The Three-Days Blow:

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