Illuminated dinner drinks on a date
For this Valentine’s Day week I wrote up short sketches of the seven girls I have loved. This is the last.

When we first met it was a love that couldn’t happen.

Several years later when I was single
she broke up with her boyfriend,
making it the first time we were both single
at the same time.

A month later when I told her I loved her
and she said the same,
it seemed that things had finally come together.
Yet it was less than 48 hours when she began getting evasive and acting awkwardly with me.

 I still have no idea what happened
or what went on in her mind when she completely dismissed me.

I was fully convinced I would marry the girl,
a thought I’ve never had towards anyone else.

Like most of the others before her,
she had issues with her father.

 The last time we spoke she sounded as if she couldn’t wait to hang up.