The young lovers dwelt within one another and kissed away the countless artificialities of a lifetime of plastic, trading it for plasticity.

The cool air danced with their warm breath, finding each other’s lips, the only ones either had come to know.

Perspiration covered their bodies as their ever-increasing heartbeats covers the white noise that life had become around them. Bodies intertwined, the lightest touch an innocent dance, and excursion, an adventure.

Some mysteries brought to light, but many others taking on the heat of darkness, of intrigue, creating new synaptic connections, new sensations, new dreams.

The early morning mist glistened on the half-asleep grass.
The moon reluctantly gave way to the sun,
attempting to provide the lovers with the longest night possible,
but eventually it fell to powers beyond its control.

The world woke up, unaware of the blossoming of new love in their midst,
as the lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms.

-October 2010