Young girl and cat touching noses

For this Valentine’s Day week I wrote up short sketches of the seven girls I have loved. This is the second.

I cannot remember the moment I fell in love with her, but I will always remember the first moment I truly wanted to be with her –
a party
laying on the floor
smelling sweetly and touching softly.

I was as inexperienced and naïve as ever.
She was pretty, fun, eccentric and energetic.

A bit forced to grow before her time – her mother an alcoholic, she lived with her father.
I believe she is the only girl I have loved who had a positive, long relationship with her father…funny.

A practically perfect young summer love,
yet we would be bound for a crash anyway due to distance.

Next summer we got back together,
but it was wrong. All wrong.

At one point she came with me to a meet up
and there she met her future husband.
Last I heard they moved west. No one seems to know what happened after that.
She was a sweet, loving girl whom it seems I threw away.
She needed a stability I couldn’t give her and I hope she found it.