Alkaline Trio Valentine's day cake
Valentine’s day is better with Alkaline Trio cake

In the advent of full disclosure, I must admit that for more years than I’d like to remember I was that kid who spent Valentine’s Day, and the week leading up to it, complaining about it being a meaningless “Hallmark Holiday” and all that woe-is-me jazz, blasting songs such as this and this.

And I wondered why things didn’t go well with the ladies. Oh younger Greg, you goofball, if only I could have a talk with you.

So here we are starting another Valentine’s Day week. I still think all the hullabaloo over it is silly, but no more silly than bitching and complaining about it. Like any other day, it’s what you do with it and the personal meaning you attach to it.

I have absolutely no plans for this year, but I do like that it is the same day as the full moon. Not for any particular reason, it just tickles me.

Ah, yes, but what was my point? Right. So in my 31 years on the planet I have loved seven young ladies. I wrote up some mini sketches of them and will be posting one a day starting tomorrow and ending next Sunday. This would’ve been better perhaps if I ended on Valentine’s Day itself, but since the last one did not end happily, I figure just let the chips fall where they will. Plus, I just thought of this idea a little while ago so it was now or never 😉

Alright, Happy Valentine’s Day week everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow to introduce you to my first love. Until then~

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