Best PessimistHappy music Monday. Everyone could use a little inspiration on a Monday, at least I could. True, I could use a little inspiration everyday, but that’s beside the point.

Each week I like to highlight a band or artist who I enjoy listening to while writing. Music is a very important part of how I work. If I’m able I like to sit in silence before and after I work on a piece of fiction in order to transition from mundane reality into a place where my mind is free to roam and there are no wrong answers. While I’m actually writing, however, I almost always feel music enhances my performance.

One such artist that I’ve been listening to a good deal lately is The Best Pessimist. According to the biography on TBP’s Facebook page, TBP “is a one-man-band project formed in 2009 by the Ukrainian musician and composer Sergey Lunev. His music is a lovechild of genres like post-rock, ambient, idm. Piano driven atmospheric musical landscapes may remind you: The American Dollar, God Is An Astronaut and Mono.”

In these posts I usually have a story about how I discovered the band/artist in question, but in all honesty I can’t remember where I first heard TBP. Which I suppose could be considered a story in itself – somethings are just better that way. They simply float into your life somehow and you’re not sure when it happened, but you’re glad it did and rather than spend another moment questioning it you simply enjoy it.

I occasionally listen to TBP while meditating. One such night I had his/their first full-length on my headphones, I Just Want To Be Your Everything. It took me to a really positive place, most notably the song Walking With Happiness during which I couldn’t stop smiling and was transported to the one moment in my life where I was completely and utterly content. Give it a listen here:


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